8 Reasons You Should Use Hosted PBX

8 Reasons You Should Use Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX systems are becoming increasingly popular. But why? What are they and what are the advantages? Northern Telecom’s Simon Rogers gives you reasons to use Hosted PBX: In a few lines, I’m going to give you eight compelling reasons to use Hosted PBX – and more importantly identify ways in which you can make massive cost savings on your telecoms costs.

Whether you run a growing business and need a phone system for the first time, or whether you’ve already got a phone system but are looking at ways of saving money and investigating new technology, our “8 reasons to use Hosted PBX” is for you. Before we get to our 8 reasons, let’s quickly explain what Hosted PBX is…

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a fancy name for a phone system. If your company has phones on desks and you can dial an extension – the chances are you’re using a physical phone system (one or many computers with lots of cables going into them). A Hosted PBX does away with the physical phone system. Instead, the clever technical stuff is done in the ‘cloud’ over the internet.

Now we’ve explained that – let’s give you eight compelling reasons for going for a Hosted PBX solution.

1. Pay For What You Need

Unlike traditional phone systems that need costly investment up front, with a Hosted PBX system you simply pay for the number of lines you need. If you need three, you pay for three. Need ten, pay for ten and so on. What you pay each month simply scales with your requirements. This makes Hosted PBX ideal for businesses that need a phone system for the first time, or have an existing system that they need to update without expensive up-front outlay.

2. All The Features You Need

You get a fully featured phone system. Hosted PBX systems come will all the functions you’re used to with a traditional phone system, plus a whole range of additional features that you don’t get with traditional on-site phone systems.

3. It’s Future Proof

A physical phone system is almost out of date the day you install it, as new technology is being developed all the time. With hosted PBX, you get features as soon as they’re available, without having to invest in new equipment.

4. It Doesn’t Need a Rocket Scientist

If you want to make changes to your phone system, you don’t need costly engineers to come out, you can make changes yourself by logging in to a simple web interface. Of course, if you’re able to make changes to the system yourself, without the need to call out an engineer, you’re going to make big savings on maintenance fees.

5. It’s Amazing Value

Unless you're running a large call centre, Hosted PBX can work out at amazing value. You save on capital outlay, you save on maintenance, but the service is also cheap (with Northern Telecom it’s just £10 per line per month plus VAT – plus all your calls to 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers are included in your monthly plan for FREE!)

6. It’s Great For Remote Working

Hosted PBX enables teleworkers and office based workers to use the phone system and can provide a totally seamless experience for your customers. Whether you want to set up users in a home office, or set-up remote call centres or operations, it’s as simple as connecting your phones to the internet.

7. Your Number Can Move With You

You’re no longer stuck with geographic numbers. You can take your number with you, to another town, or even another country.

8. More Reliable

Because Hosted PBX uses the power of cloud-based computing, you’re no longer as vulnerable to costly system failures. No more waiting for engineers to come to your site if your hardware fails and no more costly service visits.

So there you have it. We could carry on giving reasons all day, but there you have eight reasons to use Hosted PBX. If you’re wondering how Hosted PBX compares with SIP Trunking, why not click here to read our article comparing SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX. To find out more about Hosted PBX, or any of our great products you can always talk to our lovely sales team on 01138315555 or email sales@northerntelecom.co.uk.

8 reasons you should use Hosted PBX

Simon Rogers

Northern Telecom