Fixed Lines

Times may have changed but the phone line is still at the heart of most businesses in the UK.

Whether it’s making or receiving calls, receiving emails or accessing the internet – or even enabling you to take card payments, the telephone line power it all.

Northern Telecom offers a range of ‘fixed line’ solutions including both traditional fixed lines and ISDN lines.

Traditional fixed lines

These are standard phone lines which can be used for making and receiving calls, powering fax machines and card payment systems and also are needed for certain types of broadband connection.  Northern Telecom partners with the UK’s premier suppliers to deliver value for money fixed lines that can save as much as 50% when compared with the cost of a BT line.

ISDN Lines

ISDN lines were the first type of digital phone line available in the UK and today are primarily used in phone systems that require multiple DDIs (Direct Dial In extension numbers).

Today many ISDN lines are being replaced by SIP trunks.  You can find out more about SIP trunks by clicking here.

  • Great value. We can save up to 50% on your BT bill.
  • Great service. We’ll support you from our UK call centre.
  • Great products. We partner with the premier supplier in the UK.

Bring your numbers

We can give you brand new numbers, or if you prefer we can work with you to ensure that moving your existing numbers to Northern Telecom is an easy, hassle free experience.

Feature rich fixed lines

Our fixed lines come as standard with the ability to withhold numbers and to see the last number that called you.  Plus we have a range of optional additional features including:

  • Voicemail
  • Call Minder
  • Call Waiting
  • Call barring
  • Three way calling
  • Anonymous caller reject
  • Call diversion

Charges apply – talk to our sales team.

Great ISDN features

Our ISDN lines are ideal for call centres, small or large and come with the ability to withhold your number as standard. Plus we offer a range of optional features including:

  • Anonymous caller rejection
  • Ability to set a presentation number
  • Admin call forwarding
  • Caller redirect

Charges may apply to optional services, talk to our sales team for more information.

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