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The countdown has started to the fixed line switch off

The countdown has started

The countdown is about to reach zero. Well, two zeroes in fact. 2020 is a big date if you use telephone services in the UK, because the end is coming for the old fashioned PSTN ‘fixed’ phone line and the ISDN networks. BT has stopped selling connections on the old fixed phone line network and ISDN networks from 2020 – and will close the networks completely by 2025.

Whether you’re a business or residential customer, from 2020 you will no longer be able to buy traditional fixed phone or ISDN services – and if you’ve already got these services, you need to start planning for what you’re going to do in 2025 when the services are withdrawn.

At Northern Telecom, we’re amazed that more people aren’t already talking about these impending deadlines. There are millions of customers using fixed line services in the UK, including in excess of 3 million ISDN channels. All of these customers will have to find an alternative solution, and some sooner than others.

The ISDN and PSTN networks aren’t being closed until 2025, so you don’t need to worry right now, right? Well the answer to that question depends on your business. If your business is growing, you might need additional phone lines or ISDN channels, but from 2020 you’ll no longer be able to get these, as they won’t be available, even to existing customers. Similarly, if your business is relocating and you need to move your phone or ISDN services, you won’t be able to from 2020.

The truth of the matter is that many businesses will be as affected from 2020 onwards. The countdown is on.

The good news is that you don’t need to be left without a service in 2020 or when the service is shut off completely in 2025. Already hundreds of thousands of businesses in the UK have moved to SIP Trunks for their voice communications. Basically that means that inbound and outbound calls are routed over an internet connection – rather than a traditional fixed line or ISDN service. SIP Trunks can route into a physical on site or ‘cloud based’ phone system.

The great news is that these new services are usually better AND cheaper than the services that they’re replacing! If your business currently uses ISDN or traditional fixed line services, you need to start thinking about:

  • When your current contracts expire and what you’ll be using for your telephony in the future
  • Where you’ll be in the future and how much capacity your phone system will need
  • How much you could save by moving to a more up to date system

To find out more about SIP Trunks click here, or call our sales team on 0113 831 5555

Bring your numbers

You can bring your existing numbers into the latest SIP Trunk based services – making the switch easy and hassle free.

Feature rich fixed lines

The end of ISDN and PSTN services is coming, but you can still get great phone services. Talk our team about the options available to you from 2020 onwards.

Great ISDN features

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