Code of Practice

Northern Telecom is a trading name of YB Communications Limited, a family run Yorkshire based business.

Northern Telecom is a provider of telecoms and technology supplying hosting, internet and telecommunication solutions for customers across the UK.

The purpose of this code of practice

This guide has been developed to help you to understand the relationship you have as a customer of Northern Telecom. It covers you for products and services that supply you (that Northern Telecom bill you for) and will enable you to:

  • Access summary details of our services
  • Understand what you can expect from Northern Telecom after you have made a purchase or registered for a service
  • Contact details for alternative complaint bodies
  • Find out how to contact us

This Code has been approved by Ofcom for the purposes of section 52 of the Communications Act 2003.

How to contact Northern Telecom

Customer Services & Sales

Phone 0113 831 5555

Our Customer Services department is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. We are closed on weekends and bank holidays.  We operate an optional Emergency Out of Hours support service at all other times. Calls are charged at local rate.

Accounts Department  
Phone 0113 831 5555

Our Accounts department is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. We are closed on weekends and bank holidays. Calls are charged at local rate.

Contracts and billing

Your contract with Northern Telecom will include information such as the services you have signed up for, your recurring charges, terms and conditions relating to how you are billed by Northern Telecom and how and when you need to pay, as well as the duration of your contract, contract renewal and termination processes.  A copy of your contract will have been sent to you when you signed it, but we're always happy to give you a copy, just get in touch with our customer support team. 

We will bill you monthly in advance for recurring charges (such as line rental) and monthly in arrears for usage charges.  From time to time usage charge information may be supplied to us late by networks and or other suppliers. We will make our best endeavours to charge for any usage charges received/processed late (such as call or roaming charges) on the next bill.

Because we charge a month in advance for your recurring charges (line rental) your first bill will be larger than your subsequent bills.  If you have any questions about your bill please feel free to email our accounts team on

Account Cancellations

To cancel services provided by Northern Telecom (those that Northern Telecom bill you for directly) you must write to our accounts department to advise of your notice to terminate or intention to port services away to a new provider. It’s important to underline that no action can be taken to disconnect services or process any port requests until we've received confirmation in writing from you.

We will require all cancellation requests to be submitted as a written request in the form of an email or if you cannot access the Internet send the same details in a letter to our main office address shown.

Northern Telecom
Phoenix House
Elland Road
Churwell, LS27 7TB


  • If you intend to disconnect your services rather than move them to another provider, we will cease your services at the end of the notice period specified in your contract.  If you want your services to continue beyond this date, you must confirm the date you want your services to cease.  This is important as once we’ve disconnected a service (such as a phone number) it may prove impossible to reconnect.
  • If you intend to move (port) your services to another provider, your services will continue until they are ported to a new provider. Your final bill will be generated after the date the services move and will contain usage and monthly charges to that point.  
  • If you are in your minimum contract term (or any subsequent contract term) or if you do not serve the required notice period, you may be charged Early Termination Charges and/or a disconnection fee for the services you cancel or port away.  If we are charged a ‘port fee’ by the network, this may be passed on to you.
  • If you do not intend to port or cancel all of your services,  you must advise what you want us to do with any remaining services.  These services will continue to operate and be chargeable unless we are specifically advised to cease them. Please note porting a number does not necessarily stop other services (such as, hosted telephone licenses). 
  • Accounts will acknowledge your email and advise of any 'Early Termination Charges' that may apply.  You are contractually bound to pay for services and any Early Termination Charges even if you are moving to a new provider.
  • If you are billed directly by the network provider, your cancellation request must be made directly to the network.

Our minimum term contract periods are:

  • Fixed lines (inc ADSL & Fibre) 36 months
  • Leased lines 36 months

Some services take a little time to cancel, as they require us to work with special industry processes (such as ADSL). When you cancel your service, we aim to advise you of the time period from us receiving your cancellation request to the time at which the service is withdrawn. During this period, you remain liable for the costs of any services we provide.

Suspension or cancellation of services

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your service within the contracted timescales – for example, if you do not pay your bill.


If you would like to register a complaint, here are a number of different ways you can contact us:

By Email: You can e-mail us your complaint via

By Phone: You can contact the Customer Care team directly on 0113 831 5555 from 9am to 5:00pm. We are closed on weekends and bank holidays.

By Letter: If you prefer to put the complaint in writing, you can send it to the following address:

Northern Telecom
Phoenix House
Elland Road
Churwell, LS27 7TB

What happens once we receive your complaint?

We will acknowledge all complaints received by letter, fax or e-mail within 24 working hours of receiving your complaint at that stage we'll advise you who is looking into your complaint and how long we expect it to take to get you a response.  Note that some investigations require input from networks, suppliers, partners and other third parties and therefore more complex investigations may take some time.  However, we'll always endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

Dispute resolution

If we are unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily within 8 weeks of our receipt of your initial complaint you are entitled to take advantage of our Alternative Dispute Resolution process and contact Ombudsman Services

Ombudsman Services:
Communications PO box 730,

Phone: 0330 440 1614
Fax: 0330 440 1615