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Northern Telecom, a new name for YB Communications

We may have changed our name, but we still understand that few businesses rely on their telecoms like taxi firms.  Communication is their lifeblood, keeping them connected to their customers and drivers.

Northern Telecom works with taxi firms across the UK, big or small.   We understand that taxi firms operate 24/7, 365 days a year and so we’re the only telecoms operator that offers dedicated emergency out of hours telephone support to taxi firms in the UK.  Taxi operators can have surprisingly complex communications requirements including:

Office telecoms

From traditional landlines and SIP trunks to broadband, leased lines, wired or wifi networks or complete phone systems, Northern Telecom provides it all.  Typically taxi firms save as much as 50% on their telecoms compared with BT.

Mobile data

Northern Telecom supplies mobile data solutions to tens of thousands of taxis across the UK.  This includes great value smartphones – which typically run a taxi ‘dispatch’ system of the taxi operators choice.

The smartphones we provide are tested specifically for use with the taxi industry and combine great value and robustness.  We’re authorised partners of EE, Vodafone and O2 – and our data-only SIM solutions are tailored specifically for taxi operators low data use requirements.

Taxi Freephones

Taxi Freephones, or “Direct Connect Freephones” are great for customers and great for Taxi companies. Your customers simply and easily request a taxi to their location, wherever the Direct Connect Freephone is located.

In spite of the rise of the mobile phone booking app, Taxi Freephones at premium locations can generate hundreds of inbound calls and £1000’s of revenue every day.

Taxi Freephones are great but why pay more than you need to?  YB Communications typically save up to 45% off the cost of BT Direct Connect Freephones.

We’re so confident that we can save you money, we’ll even perform a review of your current bill for FREE.



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