New Phone System Checklist

You’ve decided it’s time to update your phone system to the latest technology, but where do you go from there?  The Northern Telecom New Phone System Checklist is designed to help you get the information you’ll need to have sensible conversations with potential new providers, as well as helping you to get a better idea of your requirements.  Don’t forget our helpful team are always on hand to help you and find the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Here’s our checklist:

  1. Do you have a clear view on yearly telecoms spend (that includes all internet, phone lines, phone system and phone system maintenance costs)?  Don’t worry if the bills look complex – we’ll help you get a clear picture of spend.  Just collect example bills together and we’ll help you work it out.
  2. What are your pain points with your current system?
  3. How many staff do you have and how many of them need phones at their desk?
  4. How many simultaneous calls do you think you’ll need to be able to handle?  (In other words how many people are likely to want to use the phone at once).
  5. Roughly what percentage of your calls are inbound and what percentage are outbound?
  6. Will your users need to make international calls (and if so to what destinations?)
  7. Do you have multiple sites (or do you need to enable remote working)?
  8. Do you plan to increase your staff numbers in the short to medium term?
  9. What’s the maximum number of users you’ll have per site?
  10. Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your phone lines/system?
  11. What’s your current broadband set-up (for each location)?
  12. Are you able to current and predicted internet usage for each location?
  13. What is your budget?  Are you looking at minimising up front spend?
  14. How much are you currently spending on your telecoms in total (remember to consider line rental and call costs)
  15. Do you need any special functionality (such as call recording or non-geographic phone numbers).

The answers to the above questions will help us give you great independent and impartial recommendations on the best technology for your needs, from the latest physical phone systems through to cloud-based ‘hosted’ systems that leverage the power of your internet connection to deliver a phone system without the need for a physical system on site.

Whatever you choose, we’ll help you make big savings compared with your current system.

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