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Anyone that runs a growing business will tell you that IT costs can be a huge drain on resources.  Whether it’s the initial investment, ongoing support costs, or simply in lost time trying to fix problems yourself.  Thankfully these days there are solutions that can drastically reduce the cost, time and effort associated with IT in your business, as well as offering great solutions to every day problems.

What IS the cloud anyway?

The term ‘cloud’ is used to describe services which are delivered over the internet – rather than using servers within your business.  Perhaps the most common example of this is storing files online, rather than on your computer or file server, but there are lots more examples as you can see below.

Ever have problems with different people in your organisation working with multiple versions of the same spreadsheets or documents?  Collaborative working is the solution.  It gives you and your people the ability to all contribute to the same document, make changes and even see who has changed what.  Talk to us about the right collaborative working solution for your business.

Whether you’re looking for the best in video calling and conferencing, or voice conferencing with multiple participants – we’ve got amazingly cost effective solutions that can really save you money.  Talk to our sales team today.

These days most of us have multiple devices, from laptops and mobiles to desktops and tablets, but how can you keep them safe from malware and viruses?  Northern Telecom partners with McAfee, one of the biggest names in cyber security to offer a perfect security solution across multiple devices.

Whether you simply need a great email application for you and your staff – or an alternative to costly on-site email servers, Northern Telecom has the solution.  We partner with o2 and Microsoft to give you access to ‘hosted’ Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook for all your email needs – plus Microsoft trained support to help you get up and running.

Have you ever tried to send a file by email – only to have it bounce back because the attached file was too large?  You can use ‘free’ file sharing websites, but how secure is your data?  Northern Telecom have file sharing solutions with military levels of security.  Talk to us to find the right solution for your business.

As companies grow the amount of data you need to store grows with it.  Some companies like design agencies or architects create huge amounts of data that needs storing.  Running your own servers can be costly to install and maintain, and of course need to be upgraded or replaced regularly.  Northern Telecom can provide 1 Terabyte or even unlimited storage per user depending on your requirements – all hosted in the cloud.  Talk to us and we’ll recommend the best solution for you.

Here are just some of our partners for these cost effective cloud based services:

Collaborative working
Conference calling
Cyber security
Email & email hosting
File sharing
File storage

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