Baffled by your bills?

Make it easier to understand your bills

Are you one of those companies that received multiple bills from your telecoms provider?  Maybe you get one bill for your broadband rental, one for some SIP trunks, one for your freephone line, one for your fixed lines and so on.  Telecoms companies can make it impossible to understand your bill.

Ever wondered why that happens?  We have too.

It seems that tens of thousands of businesses in the North of England are subjected to overly complicated billing, often across multiple accounts, all with invoices that appear at different times.  The common thread is confused customers.  Maybe it’s a deliberate ploy by our competitors, maybe it’s simply incompetence, but either way customers are often paying much, much more than they need to but often find it hard to even understand what they’re paying, because it’s spread over multiple bills.

So what can you do?  Here’s some advice from our sales team:

  1. Demand that your telecoms partner provide you with a statement showing you what you’re paying a year across your various telecoms accounts (and what you’re paying it for)
  2. Ask if the various elements of your account can be consolidated onto one single bill
  3. Make sure you understand the contract length and notice periods on all the elements of your account (for example your broadband account may have a different contract term to your SIP trunks or fixed lines)
  4. Talk to a specialist business telecoms firm that can help you reduce your overall telecoms costs

It’s worth paying special attention to point four above.  At Northern Telecom we’ve been able to reduce telecoms bills for some of our customers from tens of thousands of pounds a year to a few hundred pounds a year.  As our Managing Director Jon Graves says “The big telecoms firms deliver poor service, often with overseas call centres that are hard to deal with, that’s if you can find a way of contacting them by phone in the first place.  The worst thing, is that they charge you a massive premium for the poor service they give you.  Our commitment is to good old fashioned service, combined with the best telecoms solutions you can find – all at a value for money price you’d expect from a Yorkshire business.  It’s easy really”.

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