A Seamless Move To ThorPBX Hosted Phone System

A Seamless Move To ThorPBX Hosted Phone System

When you run two busy removals and storage firms, you rely on your telecoms, so when Paul Warren from Arrowdene Limited discussed a premises move for one of the businesses, he was keen to ensure minimum disruption to the company phones.

That's where Account Manager Sadya Ahmed comes in. Sadya picks up the story: "When Paul explained the office move, I decided to take some extra time to understand what the business really needed. Arrowdene actually joined Northern Telecom when we acquired another business back in 2018. I knew that Arrowdene and their sister company had two older 'on premise' phone systems, and we started talking about the benefits of moving to ThorPBX, our cloud-based Unified Communications platform."

"I saw there was a clear opportunity for Arrowdene to use the timing of the premises move to modernise their telecoms and take advantage of the extra features, (such as mobile and desktop apps, video conferencing, instant messaging and more) that come from moving to a cloud-based system."

With the customer sold on the idea of moving to the ThorPBX system, it was down to the Northern Telecom team to port numbers, to plan the decommissioning of the old system and deployment of the ThorPBX system. As Senior Engineer, Mike Ogden explains, "Whether it's a new customer, or an existing customer, like Arrowdene, our number one priority is making sure that there's as little downtime as possible.  Ideally, we make the switch to the new system seamless for our customer and for their customers."

As Paul Warren from Arrowdene highlights, it's an approach that works. "Every step of the way, we were informed what would happen and how the transfer would take place. Any concerns were addressed and the transfer was seamless. Both Mike and Jordan were on hand to answer any questions during the transfer and made sure it went like clockwork."

To find out more about how easy it is for you to move to ThorPBX, call us on 0113 831 5555.

A Seamless Move To ThorPBX Hosted Phone System

Paul Warren

Arrowdene Ltd